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Full Service A&R. Done Right.

The best music company I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

ZT takes care of you. I can honestly say that I couln't have done it without this team.

I am very happy I decided to trust Zane with my music. He just knows what he's doing point blank.

I have learned so much from these guys. I love how my music has evolved. I wish I did this sooner.

Meet Zane Tobin A&R


Looking for an A&R? Need label representation? Want to improve your sound quality, song structure, songwriting, industry knowledge amongst other things? You've come to the right place. Zane Tobin A&R is a major music consulting company with interests in recorded music, music publishing, and artist services. We offer artist, songwriter, music manager, record producer, and record label consulting/development using organized, efficient, and modern methods.



From singing in the living room to performing in front of thousands, we have a roster of artists in every stage of their career. Wether you need help in the studio or booking a specific venue, we have the resourses. If you are committed, determined, and ready to put the work in, then take the next step and apply to become a new client today.




Have you just written your first song? Wondering if it's any good? Or, do you have an entire catalog of songs across multiple genres that you've been trying to get placed? Wethor you're just starting out or looking for a publishing deal, we'll help you find a place to call home. 


Record Producers


Do you live to make records? Do you wake everyday with a yearning to smell fresh vinyl as you dig through your collection trying to find the perfect sample? Whethor you're a studio head punching pads or looking for bands to play maestro, We can help find and connect you to the right opportunities. 


Music Managers


Interested in becoming a music manager? Have a few artists that you're working with already and need some help with fresh ideas on how to take them to the next level? Whethor you're looking for your first artist or need help with industry know how, we can help link you to artists looking for managers or consult in all areas of the industry to help further your career in the music business.


Record Labels


Interested in starting your own record label? Already have an operating business? Whethor you're looking for help with a complete start-up, seeking that one cash cow artist, securing distribution, or just need a consultant on retainer, we can advise in all areas of the music business to help your company grow and suceed.  


Client Perks


We treat our clients like family which comes with some great perks. We've teamed up with some amazing companies to offer our clients an unrivaled perks package.  

From movie tickets to gym memberships, we've got you covered. 




Our clients are becoming more and more concerned with privacy, and we don't blame them. From our correspondence and what projects they're working on to what they had for lunch is nobody's beeswax. What they share with us is always kept confidential. ZT A&R's privacy and the privacy of our clients is very important to us. We can assure that our clients information is kept confidential along with all third parties involved in various transactions. We give Non-Disclosure Agreements to every new client so they'll aways know that their information is safe.


Follow us on The Web


Zane Tobin A&R has accounts with most of the main social sites on the web. Follow us to keep in touch and get tips on the latest trends in the business of music.

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