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New Client Application


Everything starts here. If you want to be considered by Zane Tobin A&R you need to fill out a new client application. Please take your time to fill out each section completely and honestly. The more we know about the status of your project the better understanding we will have when making a decision on how best to help you. All fields are required so you will not be able to submit if you skip anything.


We suggest that you take some time before starting your application to do a thorough self assessment. There is nothing easy about the music business. We expect our clients to have a basic understanding of what is all involved in starting or following through on a music project or career. Believe it or not, aside from the talent, there are very few people who are truly cut out for the job. It involves putting in more hours, patience, dedication, and determination than most day jobs. It is very competetive and requires some tough skin. If this sounds like you, start your application right away. We work with only a certain amount of clients at a time.


"If you have a backup plan for your career before you even get started in music, I can already tell you that you are not cut out for this" ~Zane Tobin 


We Wish You The Best Of Luck!

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